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Creative and engaging.

Since 2016, Little pink maker has done more than refine an education system: We've started a new one. Guided by an international network , we fuse unique educational methods within the field of history ,engineering ,arts & science to create and produce interesting workshops, talks and programmes. Little pink maker makes learning fun and easy. To achieve optimal results the programmes and workshops are the result of 12 months of intense planning, making and creating, making your learning experience worth your wallet and time.

Little pink maker has worked with the following organisations and businesses to offer workshops, talks, presentations and educational material.


"Creating a new generation of maker’s thinkers & do’er’s."

— Founders of tomorrow

Open education

Liverpool , UK native Chan’nel Vestergaard is passionate about learning. Chan’nel was raised on educational values mixed with traditional crafting . Helping her to create, engage and inspire people of all ages to make a change within their learning methods, she learned from the best. Chan’nel blames her S.T.E.A.M obsession on those who have taught her, many people from within the BIO community sphere, as well as people from within society creating change for all. Dissatisfied with the Liverpool lifestyle and ecosystem, She moved to Copenhagen in 2015 and founded Little pink maker as a homage to her creative educational ways. Chan’nel taught herself science, engineering, coding, 3d printing and more , but thinks that everyone has the ability to learn more , think more and do more - The little pink way!