We aim to make education fun by using S.T.E.A.M in a non formal setting. We like to call it “disruptive education for the real world”.


Our Beginning

Littlepinkmaker was founded in the late winter of 2017.After being a long standing member of the “maker” community, and in search of something else Chan’nel Vestergaard founded Littlepinkmaker as a way to inspire,engage and showcase what is possible when you think outside of the educational box.Because learning is only just the start of the journey!.


“Engaging and creating innovation shouldn’t need a PHD. All you need is someone willing to change something.”

— chan’nel vestergaard , FOUNDER


Chan’nel had to think fast and learn quick,Developing what is now her signature method of teaching. And has now implemented over 50 courses successfully ranging from food technology to molecular biology as well as teaching at M.I.T.

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Our Mission

Copenhagen is one of the most severely underserved regions in Denmark with regards to non formal education for people with little to no skills who do not speak Danish.. To combat this adversity, Little pink maker seeks to nourish our minds at the most fundamental level with inspiring talks, and courses as well as a strong support network.Which combined can lead to non formal education giving rise to innovation and new education opportunities.