The vegan pudding club

The vegan pudding club


Veganuary is soon over, but that's not a reason to stop eating delicious plant-based food.

One Bowl and Littlepinkmaker have joined forces to showcase the science behind desserts and create an amazing 5 course 100% plant-based dessert menu.

This monthly club is the first of its kind in Copenhagen and will feature science, hyggeness and a lot of delicious eats, carefully paired with a handcrafted tea to compliment the evening's dishes.

This is a ticketed event in association with One bowl a Pay-As-You-Feel community restaurant focusing on healthy plant-based eating. So it's first come, first served.

How does pudding club work?
Pudding club happens every month, with 5 handcrafted mouth-watering desserts proudly featuring, upon arrival and seating you'll find a scoring card on the table. Score your favorite and the winner goes through to the next month. Once we have 5 favorited winner's. We host a winner's evening and the over all champion is crowned the people's pudding!
Exciting huh!!

Whats on the menu?
100% PLANT based desserts.
: Palate cleanser and opener
: Desert number 2
: Desert number 3
: Desert number 4
: Technical Desert 5 to finish. (Think bake off delights)

Ticket sales start 1st February 2019 and are part of a nonprofit evening event showcasing wholesome plant-based desserts for all (we've even tried these on nonvegans and they LOVED them!)
We have 40 seated places maximum!

See you at the table!

(This event is open to all so come and enjoy, vegans, nonvegans, transitioner and more are always welcome to experience something new).

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