G.I.Y tempeh workshop

G.I.Y tempeh workshop


During this workshop you will learn all about the symbiosis between the mushroom and legume and the underlying microbiological process. Under the guidance of Chå vestergård you will prepare your own beans. You will gain a better understanding of preparing tempeh yourself using any legume you like. Two days after the workshop, the beans will have turned into tempeh and you can collect your self-made tempeh at Littlepinkmaker.

It is said that the mushroom, and especially mycelium have the potential to replace all kinds of harmful materials such as plastics and batteries. At Littlepinkmaker, we are interested in the cultural, artistic and culinary applications of mycelium. Another way in which mycelium could benefit the environment is by replacing meat in people’s diets, as meat production causes lots of pollution and is bad for the climate because of high carbon dioxide emissions. But regardless of its environmental and health benefits, the fact that tempeh can be very tasty is already a very good reason to include it in your menu!

In this workshop you'll create 5 different kinds of tempeh and learn how to keep and use the tempeh. Workshop includes all paperwork ,materials and unlimited refreshments. . 

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