RDS 2019

RDS 2019


Responsive design school is an interdisciplinary learning immersion programme happening the 27th May 2019 till the 9th June 2019. Held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The programme crosses boundaries and intersections between art, design, science, media, materials, living organisms, additive manufacturing, and speculative design thinking.

Responsive :adjective

adjective: responsive


reacting quickly and positively.

"a flexible service that is responsive to changing social patterns"

synonyms: quick to react, reactive, receptive, open to suggestions, amenable, flexible, accessible, approachable, forthcoming, sensitive, perceptive, sympathetic, well disposed of, susceptible, impressionable, open, alive, awake, aware

"the industry must become more responsive to consumer needs"


in response; answering.

"I'm distracted by a nibble on my line: I jig it several times, but there is no responsive tug"

By being responsive we are aware of our current needs and those that must meet the future needs of others. This 14-day immersion programme is aimed at giving you the tools to act for the future and design in a responsive and sustainable manner.

Programme for RDS 2019?
The programme runs from the 27th of May and features workshops within the following fields

Bio-design: Designing with biological elements for a more sustainable future, and how can biology change and interact with our needs as humans.

Biomimicry and Biophilia: To understand about nature and how it replicates itself, this also allows us to learn about cell division and human evolution in a new found output to understand how can we be more “green” in our everyday life.

Futuristic materials: With our ever-changing need for better materials, how can we adapt and create new materials suitable for large scale replication.

Biotechnology: Engineering the future, what does CRISPR look like, how can I engineer the future to work within my needs and what are the ethics and implications.

Ethics and sustainability: De-bunking the myths and legends behind the “circular” economy and why has it become such a green-washed term.

Open source, distributed design: In an era where we will all become nomads, how do we create items for all rather than for one.

New wave sci-craft: How can we merge science and art to create deep learning experiences, as well as create new outlook upon design thinking.

And much much more. Attendees will be mailed a full programme of the 14-day schedule which includes theory, practical, talks, dinners and a final exhibition at this years Respond festival at the IDA headquarters in front of 3000 people in Copenhagen.

To learn more visit https://www.littlepinkmaker.com/responsive-design-school-2019

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