Mycelium workshop

Mycelium workshop


For most of us, mushrooms are an ingredients found on pizza or risotto. But after this workshop, not anymore. With entirely different eyes, you will see mushrooms as a new building material to manufacture objects, furniture and even buildings.
If you think about it, we use living organisms as manufacturing material all the time: furniture is made with trees, clothes with cotton flowers and fur or skin and more. Biotechnology applications are expanding in this area, and now biological organisms can be used to produce new materials or alternatives to old ones, such as bacteria producing paper or even concrete.

In this area, mushroom-based materials are a very promising biomaterial, because of their versatility and flexibility.

This biomaterial is obtained by growing mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, onto a substrate, in this case agricultural waste, with a little water and flour. In little time, the mycelium colonizes the substrate forming an intricate root-like fiber’s that bind everything together.
By playing with the type of mushroom and substrate, different performance properties can be achieved to fit a variety of applications, from thick and stiff, to thin and flexible, and it is 100 % biodegradable.

The mushroom material has been used by biologists, designers, artists and makers as an alternative to leather, plastic, as building material, to make furniture and objects like lamp shades, surf-boards and electric guitars. The possibilities are endless!

In the first part, we will learn how to handle the mycelium and build the custom shapes. The mycelium will then be left one week to grow and colonize the molds.

In the second part ,you will learn how to dry the objects when the growth is complete.

This workshop contains everything you need to make one hanging mushroom pendant - Plus refreshments.

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