Faux mejeri

Faux mejeri


This hands-on workshop will give you the skills and knowledge to create your own array of vegan cheeses, milks, creamy spreads and dairy-free desserts. Limitless options for flavours and styles, a great way to impress yourself, your family and your friends.

Class includes:

  • Learn how to make vegan quick set F.M ,creamy spreads and no nut based products.

  • Make your own faux mejeri to take home and do time after time.

  • Recipes including 4 1-hour make F.M

  • A specially made faux mejeri kit containing moulds, measuring equipment and vials of bacteria so you can re-do this at home. This equipment alone would cost 500DKK.

What to Bring:

  • Large container and a bag transport the items home.

  • Notepad and pen

What We’ll Make

  • Ricotta

  • Camembert

  • No nut cheddar

  • Fermented Blue (this will require some homework)

Our workshops run on using vegan bacterias and natural materials with 100% no animal material or palm oil for truly great tasting faux mejeri.

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