Farmacy : Organic soap making and cosmetics

Farmacy : Organic soap making and cosmetics


A beginner’s introduction to the traditional method of cold process soap making and Organic cosmetic making, this workshop is 4 hours long.

The demonstrations in this workshop will give you the confidence (and the comprehensive notes) to start making your own soaps with equipment you probably already have at home.

Making soap is a very interesting process as it requires a little chemical knowledge along however in this workshop we make it easy for you to learn, adapt and inspire yourself throughout your soap making journey. You will also create a hand and body lotion which also teaches you some very simple science enabling you to explore a new world of domestic chemistry after the event also.

All ingredients used are organic, biodynamic and zero waste - You packing for the cosmetics is also zero waste too!

You will take home two soaps that you have decorated yourself, a full set of soap making notes, tips, tricks and chemical advice plus a Littlepinkmaker soap making goodie bag, You will also take home a container of handmade organic and biodynamic body cream made to your preference also.

Course Content:

The basic chemistry of soap

commonly used oils & fats

Lye safety handling and calculations -Chemical breakdown Basic soap making and Cosmetic making using the formulations. Herbs for skincare

All products, materials, and refreshments are included in the course cost.

Previous attendees said:

"Fantastic...A really nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, thanks"

"The workshop was lovely! Really enjoyed it !"

"Brilliant... I really enjoyed watching the process, decorating soap, learning, good hand-outs, good teaching style"

"Thanks! Really enjoyed it! A good length and levels of information"

Where: Supercluster makerspace, SingularityU, 11 titansgade 2200

When : may 5th 2019 13:00

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