Bioshades v2

Bioshades v2


The textile industry is one of the worst offenders when it comes to global pollution, and oe of the most environmentally disastrous processes is dyeing the fibres and textiles that become our clothes. To satisfy the colour demands of designers, industry and consumers, dangerous chemicals are released each day into the fragile environment. In the fast-paced fashion, clothing and textile industry, the list of chemical treatments is always expanding, and very few alternative dyeing options are being explored. BioShades investigates dyeing with bacteria as a less harmful alternative, documenting and sharing knowledge in the process.

This is a explorative workshop teaching microbiology, ethics and sustainability the workshop will last for 3 hours and all materials are included.We kindly ask if you are allergic to penicillin you email us to so we can make sure that protocol’s are in place as we are handling bacteria and antibiotics.

You will leave with knowledge and also a dyed piece of fabric which you must collect 72hrs after the workshop has finished , as the bacteria needs to incubate to enable growth. This is a live working material and we have no control over how it will grow , or what colour/pattern it will do.

we will be working with 2 distinct bacterias , on specialised “plates” for working with.

You will learn biosafety and bioethics as well as challenge the textile industry into better practises for all.

You can read about our last workshop in the review section on our website

Our last event sold out so be sure to book for this one!

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