Botanical bundles

Experience the alchemical process of using botanical dyes from fresh flowers, to transform silk cloth & create herbal infused textile prints. Learn the contemporary "bundle dye" process, for direct application of plant dye colour, into cloth, using a simple steaming technique. Discover some of the healing qualities of the plants we work with and how they can influence our mood, health and wellness.

Create a unique length of Botanical Inks printed cloth, using an organic British-grown "peace silk". To make into a scarf, pillowcase, ribbons or another creative project of your own. You are also welcome to bring along 100% silk items of your own to up-cycle.

You will leave with the knowledge and skills required to make your own bundle-dyed items again, using simple equipment which may be found in your kitchen at home (as well as being able to access Biologigargen with your new membership).

And with your own unique, natural dye printed length of silk.



The workshop was a way to make people more aware of the power plants have not just on us , but also our textiles and the things we use on a daily basis.By showcasing 2 methods

  • Using a Alum mordant to treat the fabric

  • Using a soya milk mordant to treat the fabric

Students learnt that with some simple science , chemical reactions happen to the fabric allowing it to withhold certain pigments within the botanicals.This then can then create a cool nostalgic tie dye effect on the fabric , or give it a more over all dyed appearance.


Here are some images for from the class - Students will upload their final pieces after 24hrs to instagram under the #biologigargen where you can follow also to see the results.