Sparking curiosity through play and engagement - That’s the little pink way.


We aim to make education fun by using H.E.A.T.S in a non formal setting. We like to call it “disruptive education for the real world”

Worldwide STEAM education is under-funded, under-resourced with regard to specialist skills, tools and equipment, appropriate and functional curricula, and continuity of education and engagement. Consequently the majority of our children, and indeed our society are poorly literate in these areas. In industry this manifests as a shortage of suitable STEM-enabled graduates. In society it manifests as disconnection from fundamental aspects of our lives, the world around us, the resources on which we depend, and critical engagement in planning our future.

S.t.e.a.m is a creative and through outreach in which you can learn new skills to engage with the real world.By mixing knowledge and passion with accessible tools, everyday crafting equipment and more.You get what we call “the real learning experience”.Because learning should be fun!

Our programmes are designed to support and enhance the STEM and Arts capacity of our society. To date over 120 workshops and programmes with great success have been ran worldwide since started in 2016. And we are consistently working on new events also.

We call our S.T.E.A.M programme H.E.A.T.S why? Because History has an important part and place within our daily lives and to understand science.We first must understand history.