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Soft robotics

Robotics is a field with broad interest: it combines mechanical engineering, information science and animal physiology with manufacturing, workforce development, economics and other areas. The most highly developed classes of robots have been built based on conceptual models provided by the body plans of animals with skeletons (such as humans and horses), and have made it possible to carry out tasks that humans and animals could not, for a variety of reasons.

We explore new soft robots based on a different, simpler class of organisms: invertebrates, such as starfish, worms and octopi. Because these organisms, and the robots having designs stimulated by them, have no skeletons, they provide enormous opportunities in materials and polymer science, rather than primarily in mechanical engineering.

This workshop will outline one approach to soft robots and suggest problems and opportunities in this new field.

This is an entry level class and all levels are welcome to come and explore the subject.Children from ages 14 and upwards are welcome also.

The class fee includes All materials needed, as well as a yearly membership to Biologigargen plus suitable refreshments (tea, coffee, water and snacks).

You will leave empowered with new knowledge on soft robotics as well as have your own soft robot to play and experiment with at home.

This workshop is run with assistance from bio hackerspace Biologigargen -

Later Event: May 19
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